SPACE WIZARDS is getting Unreal

After much deliberation, it has been decided to migrate SPACE WIZARDS to Unreal Engine. The DOTA 2 workshop tools, while impressive, just did not have the support from Valve or the DOTA 2 community that would have let this project shine.

How does this affect SPACE WIZARDS?

SPACE WIZARDS will now be a first person shooter, which I am personally thrilled to death about. Shooters are my favorite genre and I have some really big ideas to bring to this game. I am not currently going to update the SPACE WIZARDS page as I believe a lot of the ideas from the original MOBA concept will still directly translate to a first person shooter. I do, however, see some scope reduction but am unsure what will not be implemented.

SPACE WIZARDS is still going to be free-to-play. SPACE WIZARDS will never be pay-to-win. As always, check this website for updates and be sure to check out the twitch channel:




Thanks to a generous donation of a brand new video card care of father-of-grunk, it seems as though streaming is now possible. It turns out video RAM is important for streaming and not just internet speed. (This whole thing is a learning experience. Look at how much we’re learning.)

With that said be sure to bookmark the following address:


Check it periodically for streaming. There is no set schedule currently, but when I’m streaming I’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.


Adapt. React. Readapt. Apt.

crumbum studios has moved to the wondrous land of  Missoula, MT. The internet in Missoula is unfortunately a lot slower than Seattle which has made streaming development impossible. Getting situated in a new city has put development back a little ways, but we’re still plodding forward.

It’s my hope to get a Youtube channel going in the near future to showcase aspects of the game I was originally going to do in the stream. Updates to the blog should happen a lot more frequently now, as well.

The SPACE WIZARDS page has been updated with the latest and greatest gameplay information that I invite you to check out.

I’m looking forward to sharing more with you soon!


SPACE WIZARDS development begins.

Congratulations on finding this hidden, gaming oasis here in the bowels of the internet.  Let me reward you with some exciting information.

SPACE WIZARDS has just started development. This means in the future this game will exist and people will play it. Why should you care? I’ll explain.

It’s a custom game for DOTA 2 which puts you and your teammates in a spaceship. You’re trying to destroy the opposing team’s spaceship while not getting blown up in the process.

Oh, and you won’t have to buy it either.

You got all that? That’s the kind of exciting stuff we have ahead of us.

Development is going to streamed as much as possible on Hopefully, those will be archived on youtube, which will be set up shortly. If you’re into social media, click on the various links scattered around this website. You get 40 solar credits if you find them all (you really don’t get 40 solar credits, though).

I’ll leave you with a screenshot of the current map layout designed in DOTA 2 Workshop Tools. This was arbitrarily designed, as most of the game will be, and should prove to be a nice starting point for our heroes to scoot about in.