Space Wizards

Space Wizards is a multiplayer spaceship combat simulator. Each team must crew a spaceship and work together to destroy the enemy team’s ship. Each player is assigned a Wizard at the start of the round and is in charge of one or more ship systems. Wizards are given command of NPC crew that work in their respective systems. Wizards and crew use onboard manufacturing capabilities to build and upgrade ship structures that provide bonuses and abilities to the ship itself. These manufacturing capabilities extend to Wizards, allowing them to create items which give Wizards enhanced PVP capabilities, system bonuses, and grant Wizards special abilities when implanted by the ship’s medical team.


Each wizard has passive bonuses that improve their ability to run their respective ship systems as well as a single passive geared for PVP. Players are free to customize their Wizard to their liking using items and implants.



Provides ship with tremendous passive bonuses.

Controls Manufacturing queues

Will not respawn as Captain clone upon death

Shield Wizard

In charge of shield system.

Medical Wizard

In charge of healing Wizards and crew

Can use items to surgically graft implants and prosthetics to Wizards

Gun Wizard

In charge of ship exterior guns.

Manufacturing Wizard

Space Smithy



Structures are produced in the ship’s manufacturing system and delivered to their predetermined install locations. The delivered structure must be constructed by Wizards and/or crew before it can provide bonuses and abilities to the ship. Structures can take damage from PVP and ship combat which may require repairs.



Items are produced in the ship’s manufacturing system and delivered to the Wizard or his or her stash in the crew quarters. Players will have a limited personal inventory for their Items. These items are useful in PVP, repairing the ship, constructing new items, or just horsing around.



Wizards may visit the ship’s medical system to undergo surgery for implants! These extend a Wizard’s capabilities giving them new abilities for PVP and working their ship system. Wizards are given complete customization of their implants to allow them to fill the needs of their team or whatever playstyle suits them.



When a wizard or NPC crew member die, they may respawn using the ship’s onboard cloning capabilities. Wizards and crew will have separate clone tanks which will be time or resource dependent. Increasing cloning capabilities will allow players to fill their ship back up with Wizards and crew faster. When players die, their items will be dropped or destroyed upon death. Wizard implants will not transfer between clones.

Captain’s death is permanent. He may choose to be cloned as a marginally useful Wizard named Smurphy.


Wizards will have up-to-the-second readouts of spaceship conditions on their HUD. HUD will also include minimap, text and voice communication, list of debuffs suffered, and player inventory.

Each ship system will have a main terminal for Wizards to take command of the system. These terminals will have custom UI’s to allow players to interact directly with the ship. These will be used to activate ship abilities, control system power, and more specific system functions.

Typical game round

Rounds will start with Wizards outfitting themselves and the ship until ships are in combat range. Once combat commences, players will continue with outfitting/upgrades, start repairs, and prepare for PVP.

Ship teleporters allow Wizards to board enemy ships. PVP combat consists of players attacking and using abilities on allied and enemy wizards. NPC Crew will add to the chaos attacking enemy wizards as best they can. There will be numerous buffs and debuffs that can be suffered by friendly and enemy Wizards. Wizards may respawn upon death provided cloning services are available.

The round is over when one or both ships reach 0 HP.