SPACE WIZARDS is getting Unreal

After much deliberation, it has been decided to migrate SPACE WIZARDS to Unreal Engine. The DOTA 2 workshop tools, while impressive, just did not have the support from Valve or the DOTA 2 community that would have let this project shine.

How does this affect SPACE WIZARDS?

SPACE WIZARDS will now be a first person shooter, which I am personally thrilled to death about. Shooters are my favorite genre and I have some really big ideas to bring to this game. I am not currently going to update the SPACE WIZARDS page as I believe a lot of the ideas from the original MOBA concept will still directly translate to a first person shooter. I do, however, see some scope reduction but am unsure what will not be implemented.

SPACE WIZARDS is still going to be free-to-play. SPACE WIZARDS will never be pay-to-win. As always, check this website for updates and be sure to check out the twitch channel: